Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

This past weekend, I attempted to put some make-up on and stand just long enough to capture some pictures with my boys and this belly full of girls! Thanks to my momma who loves snapping shots, we got some keepers! It's funny how hard it is to get pics with a toddler, I can't imagine when there are 4 kiddos that we are trying to herd to be in a picture.   I am convinced from here on out our pictures will include in them sippy cups, snacks, candy, or any sort of bribery for that matter, and I'm kinda ok with that! 

Here are a few of my favorites!  I am 26 1/2 weeks and feeling extremely large!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

25 Week NEWS and "The Missing Piece"...Loving a Man I Never Met

EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT........ an official DUE DATE has been set!!! December 17, a scheduled C-Section has been put into place, unless of course these girls decide to come sooner! On December 17 I will be 34 weeks which is technically full term with triplets, because you take 2 weeks off of a normal 40 week gestational period per kiddo! (I have learned a LOT since being pregnant with multiples:) So the kicker in all this is the babies were measuring close to 2 lbs. each this week!!!! Which puts them in the 64th Percentile-- that is 64% larger than average SINGLE babies at this point!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! This is so encouraging to me, but also scares me for how big they will be in 9 more weeks, but when I think of that I am reminded to just rest in the good news of today and not worry about where we will be in 9 more weeks! It's hard to wrap my head around that fact that in 9 weeks or less these girls will be here, but I can not WAIT to hold them in my arms, and kiss their little cheeks, and begin life together as a family of 6! I know it's going to be so hard, and I get scared just thinking about how it will all work, but I am reminded daily that this is a blessing and a huge one that God has called us to and entrusted us with.  Please continue to pray for their health and mine, and also for our heart as a family.  We appreciate it more than you could ever know, and know that your prayers are being answered with each day that these girls are continuing to grow.  

So for all of you who read to keep up with the triplets, there is your update.  For anyone else wishing to continue to read, a warning that these are just some personal thoughts that have been in my head for the past couple of years really, and they deal with our family and you may get bored reading :) 

I have read this book called "The Missing Piece" by Shel Silverstein both when I was young, and recently too cause Gray has it.  It is a picture book about a little circle creature missing a piece and he tries all these pieces on to see if they fit him, until he finally finds a match....(eventually in the book he lets the piece go, because he realizes he is happier without it, that is NOT the part that I am referring to)  Well I use the analogy "The Missing Piece" in some of my life scenarios, for example I refer to Christ as my missing piece, my husband, and then Tigh and I as a couple have referred to Gray as our "missing piece."  

Over the past 5 years that I have been with Tigh there has been a piece of him that I never had the privilege of knowing and that is his father Larry. Tigh's dad lost a battle with alcoholism, when Tigh was younger.  I think about Larry ALL the time.  Whenever we get together at holidays, I wonder what it would be like if he was there, and what he would think of who his 2 sons have become.  On our wedding day, I couldn't help but think about him and wonder if he would approve of Tigh's choice for a wife. :) (I hope so) I look at my husband and wonder what traits or characteristics  he carries that are like his father, and then I look at my son and wonder what traits, characteristics or resemblance does he take after his grandfather?  After leaving the last ultrasound of the triplets this week I was driving home listening to a song that just wrecked my heart with who my husband is and who his father was that I have never met.  What would Larry think about this wild journey that we are embarking on-- TRIPLETS! I know he is watching down on us, and there really have been so many times that I just feel his presence, the presence of a man I have never met but have heard goofy stories about, a man that I know loved his sons the best he could, a man I know that struggled with a battle that was hard to fight, until it got the best of him.  

I look at my husband every night after he works his 12 hour day and hits the pillow exhausted.  I watch how he loves our son so incredibly well and will rock him for what has recently become hours before bed, because Tigh knows this time is fleeting.... I marvel at the way he is patient with me and serves me so well during this time that I can't do much and he doesn't get frustrated with me, even though I know I would have already lost it 100x if I were him! I know Tigh learned from his dad's mistakes, (which is why I LOVE the lyrics in the song I was listening to when it says "You are so much more than your father's son") but I also KNOW that Larry had an amazing heart despite his demons with addiction, and I think that heart lives on in my husband.  The lyrics of the song also say "It's not your fault, No It's not your fault I put this heavy heart in you.  I put this heavy heart in you."  I love that my husband's heart is heavy and breaks for the things that break Chirst's heart, I love that my husband is as compassionate and loving to people as he is, I love that he is a man of integrity like no other that I have met... and for all of those reasons I can't help but love Larry, a man I never met but I know "heirloomed" part of his spirit into my husband, my son, and soon to be daughters. 

So yet again, I share another song.  I have always felt like music can portray what I feel in my heart so much better then the words that I can spit out myself... This song is called Heirloom and it reminds me of my husband who I love beyond measure and can't believe I get to do this wild ride with him, and it reminds me of  his dad Larry a "missing piece" who I never got to meet, but I know I will one day and despite not knowing him now, I love him and look at my family and know that he is a part of it. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Giddy, Gratitude, and Gray-B!

GIDDY- describes the feeling I feel today, as I am 24 WEEKS!!!!! VIABILITY people!!! I would NOT want these girls to arrive now or anytime too soon for that matter but, we have made it to the 24 week mark which is HUGE.  This means that if they were to come now, they have a very good chance of survival outside of the womb with LOTS of medical intervention.  My hope is that I can make it at least another 6 weeks and then another 4.  Why not just say 10 weeks, well because in my head it sounds better me thinking 6 is what I have left, then a final 4 countdown! :) Taking it in stride! When we first learned that we were having Triplets NEVER in a million years did I think I would make it this far.  THANK YOU JESUS, for your provision each and every second of the way for me, and these girls. So here we are at 24 weeks.... 

GRATITUDE- describes the other other overwhelming feeling I have had recently.  This past weekend 11 AMAZING women hosted the most beautiful shower for us.  I am BLOWN away, in utter shock of the people around us who love us and have graciously given far more to us then I could have ever asked for.  I will be real honest here, when you plan for 1 child you should be financially prepared, we were prepared for 1 child.  When you learn you are having 3, and you are not sure how you are financially going to provide for their needs there is a shock factor involved and a lot of stress (just ask my husband).   Well we are still a little scared financially as we really don't know what this will cost us once they are here, but this weekend BLESSED us beyond belief! There are no words really to describe the gratitude and thanks that Tigh and I feel to each and everyone of you who have helped support us along the way.  And I am not just talking financially here, I am talking with your encouragement, steadfast love, and prayers.  ALL of it just blows us away and we are beyond thankful.  I have NO idea how I will EVER be able to pay if forward like all of you have done for us. All we can say is THANK YOU and hope that you truly truly know that we mean it with every ounce of our being.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful weekend celebrating these three baby girls... (there are more pics of the shower but I don't have them yet, I will post more when I get them.)
Beautiful food table

Gorgeous Fall Centerpieces

A fruit carriage with 3 orange babies!!!! ahahahah 

The "kid" hostesses 

The "adult" hostesses :) 

And save the best for last-- GRAY-B! Oh my little love is growing up so fast during this time.  He is just an absolute joy (on most occassions :)  He had a BIG week this week as he got a pillow in his crib.  He LOVES it and thinks it's a really big deal.  He has also been so patient as we try to get the "orphanage" put together-- that is right I called it an orphanage.... the girls room does not look like a nursery, it is more along the lines of "orphanage style."  Hopefully once more color is added it will make it a little more homey.  We talk a LOT about his "sissies" and he has been enjoying reading books about becoming a BIG brother, although we have to change all the words to make everything plural..."My sisters are coming home."  "I am going to have babies in the house..." you get the point......We have had some GORGEOUS weather so we have been trying to be outside as much as possible and for as long as I can sit in a hard chair before I need to lay back down.  And of course he and I continue to spend a lot of time cuddling, watching toons and just enjoying every little minute that we have together.  Here he is living the dream.......

Just chillin with mom. 

Getting some sunshine and playing in a rusty photo prop.

Loving his new pillow

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anything Could Happen...

I am 23 weeks this week, and at the Dr.  we learned the girls are measuring 1.5, 1.4 and 1.3lbs!!! The Dr. was very happy with that, and told us that he thinks we have a good chance at carrying them till at least 34 weeks.  Which excites me and scares me all at the same time. :) Continued prayers please for God to continue to grow them to his perfection! 

So, I needed a "Rally Song".... something that got my blood moving.  The past two weeks I have completely moved out of the "SHOCK--you're having triplets" phase to "BRING IT ON!!!"  I know I still have some time, but I am READY!!!!!!!!! Well mentally at least, we still need to get a lot of things in order. I am ready to meet these girls, I am ready for the late nights, screaming, and complete chaos that may ensue, because I know it's going to be the last time we have babies and I am going to 'try' to soak up every last single bit of it! 

Another momma of Trips randomly posted this song,as a song she liked and I listened to it.  Maybe it was because it came from someone who has been in the triplet momma shoes that it just makes me think of Triplets.... I don't really know... But I LOVED it and it has become my repeat 100x song.  

Here is my crazy interpretation of the song... I know this was not Ellie Goulding's intentions with this song, but what I have made of it... Some of the lyrics don't fit at all to our situation, (like "I don't need you," etc cause Lord knows I am going to need everyone :)   but for some reason when I hear it, it just reminds me of when we found out we were having these girls-- WOW  "ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN"   was literally one of the first thoughts in my head. I knew then that anything in our life could really happen, cause never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this would happen to us.  

Then the lyrics go on to say: 

"Yet since we found out
Since we found out
That anything could happen
Anything could happen 
Anything could happen 
Anything could happen....."

This makes me think of this road that we are now on--- anything could happen from here on out with these girls.

This part is funny to me.. 

"Cover your eyes
So you don't know 
the secret....."

 hahaha well this just speaks for it's self... the secret to how we got spontaneous triplets...well ya know....go ahead and cover your eyes. 

"I've been trying to hide
We held our breath
To see our names are written"

This reminds me so much of how I felt after we found out.  I wanted to hide, we held our breath and then every time we went back to the dr.  triplets were still written next to my name on the file! 

  And finally my favorite part...... 

"I know it's gonna be
I know it's gonna be
I know it's gonna be
I know it's gonna be
I know it's gonna be 
I know it's gonna be
I know it's gonna be 
I know it's gonna be 

It makes me excited and pumps me up! It's my new "Triplet Warrior Song." I wonder if they will let me blare it, in the operating room on the day of delivery?? 

Go ahead and give it a listen......