Monday, May 5, 2014

"It Takes a Village" or In Our Case "THE WORLD".... THANK YOU!

This is the most informal, long overdue thank you note I have ever written.  Those of you who know me well, know how much I love me some good stationary and a new pen.  I could write thank you notes for days.  However, that was before 4 kids.  I know those days will come back to me but right now is not the time. There are SOOOO many people we need to thank for getting us through the last year so with no further adieu.....

We sincerely from the absolute bottom of our hearts want to thank each and every person that has served us this past year through pregnancy, bed rest, birth, and the early weeks of 4 kiddos under 2! Whether it be through meals dropped off on our doorstep, the changing of my sons diaper, doing our laundry, running to the grocery store, coming over to keep me company, hand me downs, thoughts, prayers, gift cards, and diapers..... THANK YOU!!! You have each played a part in our girls “story" and in our family's "story." We are beyond grateful and blown away by the support that has been shown to us. 

It is true what they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  We however have seen that it most certainly is taking WAY more than just a village, to begin to raise three children of the same age all at once.  People from around the globe have stepped up to help support us even.  We truly can't begin to describe with words our heart's gratitude to everyone who has helped get us this far in this journey.  

The girls will be 5 months on May 10, and we are just about running out of our diaper supply! 5 MONTHS!!!! WOW!!! I thought for sure we would have been buying diapers long before they were 5 months old! What an amazing blessing to not have had to do so. We are so so grateful.

I have literally seen the hands and feet of Jesus at work through our friends and community since finding out almost a year ago that 3 little loves were on their way.  We are still in utter disbelief by how well we have been loved through one of the most shocking, scary, exciting, nerve racking times of our life.  

So sincerely I wish I could personally write each and every person a thank you note, but I am overwhelmed at where I would even begin because so many people have done so much.  So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU family, friends, & our amazing community! 

We love you!
The Holmstroms 

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